August 30: Introductions + Historicizing Information Overload


TEXTS REFERENCED IN CLASS (You needn’t read these, but you’re welcome to!)    

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  • And countless business-oriented and professional-application articles offering “adaptation” strategies – e.g., AAMI, “Managing Data Deluge Is the Future of Human Factors Engineering,” Medical Design Technology (May 17, 2016); Rikke Duus & Mike Cooray, “Too Much Information: How a Data Deluge Leaves Us Struggling to Make Up Our Minds,” The Conversation (July 15, 2015); Terradata Perspectives, “Sensory Overload: Digesting Data from the IoT,” Forbes (May 20, 2016)….



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IMAGE: Étienne-Louis Boullée, Bibliothèque du Roi, 1785

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