December 13: Presentations


You’ll be submitting your final projects before/at the start of class. Then, during class, each student will share his/her work and lead a short discussion. Because we’ll need to fit in five presentations, leaving time for transitions and tech set-up (and the inevitable snafus) — and we need to reserve a few minutes for course evaluations — we should allot no more than 15 minutes to each student.

The tone of these presentations will be more celebratory than evaluative; you won’t be graded on the “professionalism” of your presentation. Still, you should prepare what you plan to share, and have the relevant media queued up, since you can’t guide us through every facet of your project within the allotted time. You might aim to offer a brief overview of your project’s overarching themes, areas, goals, etc., then guide us through a few applications or key sections. In order to leave time for discussion, I recommend you limit your presentation to 7 or 8 minutes.

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