December 6: Building Civic Infrastructures


Today we visit the Mozilla / Tactical Tech Glass Room @ 201 Mulberry!



Our readings for this week will depend in part upon how our discussions evolve over the course of the semester, and on your developing interests – but here’s a preliminary list:



Ariella Azoulay, “ArchivePolitical Concepts: A Critical Lexicon (December 2011) [right to deposit + access archival material]; “The Ethics of Aesthetics: Archives and Access in the Digital Landscape,” Art of the Archive, Davis, CA, May 21, 2015; Rose Eveleth, “Introducing the Archive Corps,” The Atlantic (September 1, 2015); Benjamin C. Hutchens, “Techniques of Forgetting? Hypo-Amnesic History and the An-Archive” SubStance 36: 2 (2007): 37-55 [anarchism; the an-archive; forgetting]; IMLS, “Mukurtu Software Preserves Indigenous Digital Heritage Through Technologies of Today,” IMLS Project Profiles (November 16, 2015); Achille Mbembe, Decolonizing Knowledge and the Question of the Archive (Africa is a Country Ebook) [from a 2015 lecture @ Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research, Johannesburg).

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