October 25: Photo Collections


GUEST: Diana Kamin, Ph.D. Candidate, Media, Culture & Communication @ NYU




Costanza Caraffa, “From ‘Photo Libraries’ to ‘Photo Archives’. On the Epistemological Potential of Art-Historical Collections” In Photo Archives and the Photographic Memory of Art History, ed. Costanza Caraffa (Berlin: Deutscher Kunstverlag, 2011): 11-44; Paul Conway & Ricardo Punzalan, “Fields of Vision: Toward a New Theory of Visual Literacy for Digitized Archival Photographs,” Archivaria 71 (Spring 2011): 63-97; Joan Schwartz, “Negotiating the Visual Turn: New Perspectives on Images and Archives,” American Archivist 67 (Spring/Summer 2004) (and other works by Schwartz); Sara Shatford, “Analyzing the Subject of a Picture: A Theoretical Approach,” Cataloguing & Classification Quarterly 6:3 (1986): 39-62; Allan Sekula, “The Body and the Archive” October 39 (Winter 1986): 3-64.

IMAGE: Malraux, Museum without Walls

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