January 29: Method’s Mission + Modus Operandi

Throughout the semester we’ll be hosting and visiting scholar-practitioners whose methods can inspire and guide our own. To make sure at least one of these guests speaks to the class’s collective interests, I’m inviting you to plan one event – on either April 16 or 23. Today we’ll solicit nominations for local scholar-practitioners whose methodological practice you find particularly rich and inspiring, and whose work would likely be instructive for many students in our class. If you’d like to nominate someone, please be prepared to make a two-minute pitch in today’s class. We’ll vote and rank our top three candidates, then I (and any interested students) will get to work on the event-planning.

We’ll also talk today about research questions, to prepare you to complete your Project Sketches.


  • Review The New School’s guidelines on “Human Subjects Research,” and particularly the “Information for Students.”
  • Browse quickly through my Student Resources, too. These could prove useful as you progress through the course. And if you’re still not quite sure what you want to research, “Identifying Your Interests…” could be especially useful for your assignment for next week!
  • And for future reference, skim through our toolkit resources re: “General Methodology + Epistemology”

Image: Kyle Bean