Logistics for our Next Few Weeks

A few reminders:

  • Your Progress Reports are due Sunday, April 1, by 7pm. You’ll find guidelines here, on our “Requirements and Assignments” page, under “Progress Report.” Yes, April 1 is Easter Sunday; I’m sorry to those of you who celebrate the holiday! That said, you’re certainly welcome to submit your work before the due date! And given that you’ve had almost two months since your last assignment, I’m hoping no one will need to engage in any last-minute scrambling. I’ll need to review everyone’s work that Sunday evening, to prepare for our individual conferences that week, so I ask that you please respect the deadline.
  • I’ll be meeting individually with each of you, to discuss your goals and concerns and to provide targeted feedback, during the week of April 2. Please sign up for a 30-minute slot here, via our April 2 page. I’ve got lots of openings on Tuesday and some on Thursday. I had hoped to offer scheduling options all day Monday, too, but now I’ve got an all-day workshop (rescheduled thanks to the snow day) 😠
  • On April 9, we’ll be workshopping your progress reports. You’ll find guidelines, and links to our collaborative slideshow (much like the one we created for our February 5 workshop), here, on our April 9 page.
  • On April 16, for our “plug-in week,” we’ll design a lesson that addresses your needs. What methods haven’t we addressed, or haven’t we addressed sufficiently, that you’d like to more fully explore? What challenges are we sharing? What research opportunities would you like to discuss? Maybe you’d like to debrief after our Data & Society field trip and March 26 guest visit? Maybe we could talk more about thesis and grant proposals, in preparation for your final submissions? Maybe you’ve got other ideas? We can discuss our options in class — but I also invite you to share your ideas here, as a reply to this post, or to email me.

Image via Present&Correct