Intellectual Furnishings, Friday, 11/7 @ 11am

By | November 1, 2014

1-6NF-KCUymP4nApYkeAwVbwNext Friday I’ll be sharing a working paper, “Intellectual Furnishings,” which is based on a new research project examining media furniture — book shelves, CD racks, writing tables, media walls, task chairs, server racks, etc. — as embodiments of affect and epistemology. As I write in the paper,

I recognize these furnishings as much more than utilitarian equipment; instead, they scaffold our media technologies in particular ways, inform the way human bodies relate to those media in particular ways, and embody knowledge in particular ways. They render complex intellectual and political ideas material and empirical. I aim to study how the design of organizational furnishings, both physical and conceptual – like bookshelves and classification systems, for example – gives form to epistemology, politics, and affect.


I’m sharing this work as part of the GIDEST seminar on Friday, November 7, at 11am. You’re welcome to attend, and you’re encouraged to read the paper in advance!