Opportunities to Work with Branch Libraries Design Study

By | August 28, 2014


The Architectural League of NY and the Center for an Urban Future have partnered on a design study that will “articulate new architectural, financial, and programmatic possibilities for these essential, neighborhood-based resource centers.” I’m also a member of the organizing team.

My colleagues at the League have invited our participation. In particular, they’re interested to have students study a “day in the life” of one or more of New York’s branch libraries. Such an observational study might take the form of a photo essay, an audio or video documentary, or a set of diagrams. This research might draw inspiration from Julie Dressner and Tyler Hicks’s “Libraries Now: A Day in the Life” short doc. Exemplary work could be featured on the League’s web publication, Urban Omnibus.

In addition, we’ve been invited to help the League think through an archival problem: how to archive the myriad materials — design-team-generated research documents, urban data, architectural plans and renderings, etc. — generated as part of the design process, and how to feature and frame those materials for public consumption on the League’s website, and perhaps elsewhere online.

These challenges would make for great ALD final projects. Please let me know if  you’re interested in contributing to either effort — or both!