Places of the Heart: Psycho-physiological Walks

Places of the Heart: Psycho-physiological Walks

Pioneer Works is organizing a walk that involves maps, affect, and a headband that records people’s brain activity. The event looks like quite an experience, and it might serve as inspiration to think of our own mapping projects. Here’s more information about it, from Pioneer Works website:

Over the course of the weekend researchers will take small groups of participants on walks designed to explore the psychology of urban life by measuring responses to a set of carefully curated locations throughout the Red Hook area. Participants will be asked to carry a specially programmed phone and to wear a small headband that records their patterns of brain activity. Our overall goal is to map the relationships between place, comfort, happiness, arousal (both negative and positive), perceptions of risk, responses to natural features and to urban design variables. The walk will take approximately one hour, following which participants will have an opportunity to discuss their experiences in a debriefing session.

On Sunday, October 25th at 4pm, a culminating discussion with Colin [the author of the book that inspired the walk] and other guests will consider the data collected from walks as a way of gaining insight into our urban environment and more specifically our connection to Red Hook.


There will be four walks over the weekend, but you need to RSVP to secure your spot.

More information about Places of the Heart and how to sign up for the walk here.