September 14: Maps as Media / Lab #1

Reminder: Your semester project proposals are due, via Google Drive, before class today! For more information, see the first paragraph under “Map Labs and Atlas” on the Requirements page.

We’ll start off in room 904 @ 6 East 16th St today. 

Tools & Techniques for Critique

  • Jeremy Crampton, “What Is Critique?” In Mapping: A Critical Introduction to Cartography and GIS (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010): 13-21.
  • Mike Foster, “The Lost Art of Critical Map Reading,” Graphicarto [blog post] (February 27, 2014).
  • Shannon Mattern, “Critiquing Maps II,” Words in Space [blog post] (September 5, 2013).
  • Denis Wood, “At Least 10 Cartographic Codes” In Rethinking the Power of Maps (New York: Guilford Press, 2010): 80-5.
  • Bill Rankin, “Redrawing the Map,” Architecture Boston 18:2 (Summer 2015) [on the programmer as cartographer, and maps’ continued utility as argumentative media].
  • Laura Kurgan and Bill Rankin, “Seeing CitiesGuernica (December 15, 2015) [yes, there’s some overlap with the previous article, but this one’s worth your time, too!]
  • Andrew Wiseman, “When Maps Lie,” The Atlantic CityLab (June 24, 2015).
  • Shannon Mattern, “Maps as Media,” Words In Space (September 15, 2015).

Lab: Small-Group In-Class Map Critiques



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  • Bill Rankin, “Mapping Social Statistics: Race and Ethnicity in Chicago

IMAGE: HapticLab