Reminder: Field Trip Friday Oct 28

I’m writing to remind you about our optional-but-highly-recommended field trip to two Brooklyn studios next Friday, 10/28, from 3 to 6pm. Data students, here’s the listing on your course schedule; Maps students, here’s yours

We’ll start off at the Office for Creative Research, at 81 Willoughby (Suite 601) at 3pm, then — via either a 20-minute walk or 10-minute ride on the F — head down to Dumbo, to 20 Jay Street (Suite 218), to visit Situ Research at 4:30. 

These two award-winning research/design studios are engaging in work that explores issues pertinent to both classes: archival research, data analysis, mapping, etc. They can show us what’s possible in the worlds of maps and archives — particularly when we think *across*  these fields. And I’m hoping their work will prove generative for your own practice, or even inspire possible career paths. 

The Office for Creative Research (founded by Jer Thorp, former data artist at the NY Times), works “at the intersection of technology, culture and education.” They’ve created an atlas for the Great Elephant Census in Africa, “performed” the metadata in MoMA’s collections database, created a tool to reverse-engineer ad targeting, mapped meetings across Microsoft, helped St. Louis residents explore the lived-geographies of their city, and considered what we can learn from listening from glaciers. 

Situ Research, the “spatial analysis” arm of Situ Design architecture and fabrication studio, has partnered with Amnesty International to track chemical warfare in Darfur; partnered with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and Forensic Architecture to document drones strikes in Pakistan; modeled inequities in NYC property taxes; collaborated with geologists at Princeton to look inside and “archive” fossils; and experimented with 3D mapping and modeling techniques that can capture surface textures, like vegetation. 

I’m happy to meet folks in the lobby at 63 5th Ave (the University Center) at 2:15pm; we can then take the F together to Brooklyn. Or, you can make your own way to 81 Willoughby by 3pm. 

I hope you’ll be able to join us!