Sensory Mapping Lab

We will create four groups to map four different locations in and around 6 East 16th Street.

The four locations are:

  • Underground floor, Student’s Lounge
  • 7th floor: Lockers Hallway
  • 8th floor: Study room (not the library)
  • 12th floor: Design School Kitchen

You will spend five minutes in each section with your group; please use timers on your phones to keep track. The goal of this exercise is to quickly immerse yourself in the locations in which you’re stationed, so make you don’t stay in just one place; think of this as a walking tour within specific boundaries.

In each location, please do the following:

  • Sketch a rough outline of the location (it’s not important to be neat!)
  • On the outline, identify what sounds, smells and textures you encounter. You can identify these things with words, quick drawings, symbols, etc.
  • Create an intensity scale to identify certain sounds, smells and textures that are particularly weak and strong.

After 5 minutes, switch to your next location. After you have visited all four locations, return to the classroom. We will compare our experiences, talk about what senses were the weakest and the most intense, and look at trends between all of the sketches.

Here is how each group will progress through the exercise:

Group 1
Underground > 7th floor> 8th floor > 12th floor

Group 2
7th floor> 8th floor > 12th floor > Underground

Group 3
8th floor > 12th floor > Underground > 7th floor

Group 4
12th floor > Underground > 7th floor > 8th floor

Image: Meaghan Bailey