September 20: Cartographic Epistemologies + Blind Spots

Olaus Magnus, Carta Marina, 1539

Rosh Hashanah begins this evening at sundown, at 6:56pm. If necessary, we’ll end class early.

Guest: Skype 4-5pm: Bill Rankin (pending baby’s arrival)

Discuss Individual Project Proposals

Yes, this looks like a long reading list. But it’s really only two substantial texts (Pickles and Vertesi, the latter of which has lots of images), plus several short, digestible excerpts and posts. In all, about 75 pages. You can do it.


Frames, Borders, Gaps, Cuts & Boundaries



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Olaus Magnus’s Carta Marina (1539)

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PJ Mode Collection of Persuasive Cartography, Cornell University

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Disputed Territories.

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Marble Fairbanks Branch Library Design Proposal [5:05 => 13:21]

Hans Rosling, “Let My Dataset Change Your Mindset,” TED Video

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