Event: Object Theater on March 23rd

Stage Fright by Rich Allen

Ever since I saw a wine opener turn into a King at a puppet show when I was younger, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of an object’s designed use being momentarily abandoned to turn the object into a character.  There is still space left for Thursday’s Object Theater at The Trade School.  It relates to ideas around thingness and the relationships that objects have with each other…even though in this case their relationships might be manipulated by a puppeteer!  See description below from the Trade School website.

The proposed class is an exploration of the language of performative Object Theater. We will go through a series of exercises and games that will play with storytelling, meaning formation, and see how far we can push objects into metaphoric space until they force us to come back. We will use language, text, fairy tales, and physicalization to explore what kind of connections we can form to the objects we use daily. Please bring objects (as many as you’d like) that you either love, find engaging in any way, or that for some reason stuck to your hand.

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