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Show Me Your TV Screen

Folks of the materiality world,

For a part of my final exhibition, I’m attempting to collect as many photos as possible of televisions in the home.  If you would like to help out, please send a photo of the television in its domestic place in your apartment or house.  If you don’t personally have one, I’ll accept a photo of your roommate’s/parent’s/grandparent’s/landlord’s instead.

AND if you don’t actually have a TV but still watch “TV” on some sort of futuristic device like a laptop or iPad or technologically advanced projection screen, snap a photo of that for its still counts!  So whether you’re watching TV via the cathode ray tube or liquid crystal display (they both still illuminate the room with that blue filtered light), send me what you have.  Just be sure it has a “TV” image displaying.

Send an image to kasue753@newschool.edu.

Here’s my TV:

Edmund's TV


Project Abstract: “An Abstract Contemporary History of the Television as an Object”

“There is nothing more mysterious than a TV set left on in an empty room.” – Jean Baudrillard

My project will look at the TV as an object in contemporary settings both private (the living room) and public (i.e. at a shopping mall.) Drawing from the work of Marshall McLuhan and Anna McCarthy, I will be documenting the television’s presence in the city as well as my own apartment. Instead of studying only the content of television programs, I will be looking at 1) the sound, 2) the light, 3) the advertisements, 4) the physical object itself, and 5) the setting.

The exhibition will be in the form of a faux-television with selectable “channels” that are controlled by a “remote control.” There will also be a “TV Guide” with information on what is currently playing.   I’ve included a rough sketch of the idea that might make sense.