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Code and Clay, Data and Dirt: 5000 Years of Urban Media

A City Is Not a Computer

Small, Moving Parts: A Century of Fiches, Fairs, and Fantasies

Of Mud, Media, and the Metropolis: Aggregating Histories of Writing and Urbanization

Scaffolding, Hard and Soft: Media Infrastructures as Critical and Generative Structures

Equipment for Redemptive Living

Sonic Archaeologies

A Brief History of the Shelf

Public In/Formation

Animated Aberrations, Rebellious Objects (on Zoe Beloff)

Cloud and Field

Information Professional (Dutch) Interview

Instrumental City: The View from Hudson Yards, circa 2019

Indexing the World of Tomorrow

Middlewhere: Landscapes of Library Logistics

Deep Time of Media Infrastructure

Deep Mapping the Media City

Mission Control: A History of the Dashboard

Media Archaeology of Poetry and Sound

Speculative Archaeology

Precedents for Experimentation: Talking Libraries with Shannon Mattern and Nate Hill

Preservation Aesthetics

Library as Infrastructure

Tuning into the Invisible: Roman Mars’s 99% Invisible

Animated Spaces: Experience and Context in Interaction and Architectural Design Exhibitions

Interfacing Urban Intelligence

Review of Hillel Schwartz’s Making Noise: From Babel to the Big Bang and Beyond

Embracing the Formalist Mantle

Urban Software Art: Spaces of Critical Engagement

Preserving Yesterday’s Tech to Get a Better Gasp on Today’s

Methodolatry and the Art of Measure: The New Wave of Urban Data Science

Bureaucracy’s Playthings

Ear to the Wire: Listening to Historic Urban Infrastructures

Infrastructural Tourism

Paju Bookcity: The Next Chapter

Evaluating Multimodal Work, Revisited

Review of Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects

Sounding Towers


Archizines’ Rustling Pages

Marginalia: Little Libraries in the Urban Margins

The New Everyday

Click/Scan/Bold: The New Materiality of Architectural Discourse and Its Counter-Publics

Fluid Text, Total Design: The Woodberry Poetry Room as Idea, Collection, and Place

Delicious: Renovating the Mnemonic Architectures of Bookmarking

Review of Mark Shepard, Ed., The Sentient City

Geometries of Reading, Light of Learning: Louis I. Kahn’s Library at Phillips Exeter

Notes, Lists, and Everyday Inscriptions

Infernal Archive: Medial States of Matter in the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Edge Blending: Light, Crystalline Fluidity, and the Materiality of New Media at Gehry’s IAC Headquarters

Puffs of Air: Communicating by Vacuum

Blog to Book, Space Beer to Ballard: The BLDGBLOG Book

Chainbuilding: The Signature Building for the New New School

Silent, Invisible City: Mediating Urban Experience for the Other Senses

Sound Studies: Framing Noise

Font of a Nation: Creating a National Graphic Identity for Qatar

Broadcasting Space: China Central Television’s New Headquarters

Media, in International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences

Resonant Texts: Sounds of the Contemporary American Public Library

The New Downtown Library: Designing with Communities

Plurality in Place: Activating Public Spheres and Public Places in Seattle

Just How Public Is the Seattle Public Library? Publicity, Posturing and Politics in Public Design

Bad Signal