Proposal: Locating the New York Musical

The popularity of musicals has waxed and waned over the years, but the musical has remained a cornerstone of Broadway, and every so often still manages to make it onto the movie theater screen. These productions are often reflections on the communities and cities they are set in, despite the fun-loving attitude that tends to be associated with American musicals. Topic Description For my mapping project, I would like to map out about 10 musicals that are set in New York City.  Ideally, the selected productions will do one of... Read The Rest →

Project Proposal: The History of Artists and Art Production in Lower Manhattan

In September of 2011, I began to research and map the history of artists and art production in SoHo. My project allowed me to explore the close network of artists that worked to gentrify lower Manhattan. When I began my project in September of 2011, I began researching the artists that first settled in SoHo. In my research, I discovered that Fluxus founder George Maciunas established the first artist co-operative in SoHo at 80 Wooster Street. My initial idea was to examine the artists associated with the New York School,... Read The Rest →

& The Club">Process Blog: John Cage, Peggy Guggenheim & The Club

There comes a point during this project, when I need to stop researching and begin piecing together everything that I have found. I have spent the past two months parsing through books, interviews, video clips, films and various sources in an attempt to understand what was going on in lower Manhattan during the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s that allowed for a cultural hothouse to emerge. Who were the key players? Who came before George Maciunas? At this point, John Cage seems to be the missing link in my project. John... Read The Rest →

‘the hole’ exists –

I mentioned this in class yesterday- truly fascinating stuff. Here is a short documentary on ‘The Hole,’ and here is a short write-up. It does, in fact, lie ‘below grade,’ which means it does exist outside of the sewer-grid.  Cesspools are used instead.    

project proposal

— ABSTRACT: Given my interest in non-human-centricity, as well as my experience in exploring abandoned spaces, it follows that I have chosen abandoned sites as the object of my study.  Focusing on Admiral’s Row and (the now defunct) Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital Complex (in the Brooklyn Navy Yards), it is my intention to map the sites both visually (with ontographs) and sonically (with field-recordings).  The project, then, will not only stimulate a visual response but an aural one, as well.  Obviously, humans will ineluctably feed into the project as these... Read The Rest →

Google Data Centers

An awesome look at what Google’s data centers look like.  There sure are a lot of tubes in the Internet!   Sorry for not posting the pictures, but I’m rushing to do this 1:00 after class should have began 😉    

map critique/application

“Like a nomadic gazer, the exploratory mapper detours around the obvious so as to engage what remains hidden.”(Corner , 225) MIX HOUSE (2006)   I decided to focus on THE MIX HOUSE, a project created in 2006 by the architects Karen Van Lengen and Joel Sanders, alongside Ben Rubin, a media artist and founder of EAR Studios in NYC. The Mix House was on display as part of Open House: Architecture and Technology for Intelligent Living, which describes itself as an  “open-ended exhibition and multi-faceted research initiative [that] encourages creative individuals to... Read The Rest →

Poetic Mapping/Archiving Class for Spring

Seminar: ASHLAB Offered through the MFA Writing Program Spring 2013 Thursdays 8:00 – 10:30pm  Note: Media Studies students can sign up for the course as an independent study. Contact Instructor / Writing Program Director Robert Polito at Instructors: Irwin Chen, Adam Fitzgerald, Tom Healy, and Robert Polito For poets, prose writers, and anyone interested in the “Digital Humanities.”  This semester’s seminar is part of an ongoing sequence of classes that involves a digital mapping of John Ashbery’s Hudson, NY house via his work – and the reverse: a digital mapping... Read The Rest →

Project Proposal: Vice as Media – Mapping the Transformation of ‘The Deuce’

I have lived in New York City for a little over five years.  During that time, I’ve had the distinct privilege of working in Times Square – the corporate headquarter, overpriced chain restaurant, and tourist capital of the world.  For the first week, I thought it was the coolest thing ever, now I question anyone’s desire to visit the area.  In my time here, though, I’ve learned that the Times Square of today is a completely different beast than the Times Square of my parent’s generation.   Every now and then,... Read The Rest →

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