It’s urtingblues-preparing of the “urt” version of things:

The initial problem I had with my mapping project was the research and analyzing parts of the project took a very long time that I did not have time to play with the “urt” tool. But I was constantly mental designing my layers but not starting the actual thing itself. I produced huge amount of audio-visual data to be put on the map. And I was having very much difficulty of finding a web player options in the most economical way. As coming to streamable data from the sorted out material, I needed to convert my HD video files into the proper format (it should be smaller than ideal format for streaming which is 500 mb for 5 minutes). The free streaming options for video :Youtube (1gb) + Vimeo(500mb). So I only had one personal Youtube account, I had to create another. My vimeo account was already used. Then I created a vimeo plus account, which gives you 5gb for week. So I had 7gb of storage-problem solved (it took me longer to figure it out to do this). For the people who does not know about converting videos into the formats (also I converted sound files but it was not that painstaking) takes time, as well as uploading videos into these three streaming channels. So before actually uploading my data I have to organize the time, so I did converting-uploading- last minute editing at the same time while one was waiting I was doing the other step. Then I added one extra step of putting this link into “urt” itself, which I will call art of embedding videos- you have to change the code of the video to fit into –urt screen otherwise it gets under the map area. After this background work for the urt itself, I created my layers.

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