Possibility of adding animated visual layers on maps: as in my walking example people could use different movement of shapes into their maps to narrate temporality, sensations..

Possibility of adding media records on the location itself: It could be integrated that when a user through the mobile app makes a media file in the region, it could be directly added to the map- In my own project, the audience who was interested in the project could make their own entries. Maybe it will not directly be added to the project but ready to be published after some editorial work (basically just checking for spam like intros)

Immediate need for adding ‘publish’ button as giving the content creator the time to make changes before making the project public . In my case, I would like to share it with participants first and get their feedback , make changes then publish would be the ideal case.

Adding augmented reality for experiencing the maps on the physical world with their mobile devices :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkcHs_LIGvo&feature=player_embedded – !

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