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[SLIDE 2]History of practice-based teaching: e.g., Practices of Placemaking at Penn [SLIDE 3] Came to TNS in 2004 – program that combined theory and practice
  • [SLIDE 4] Theory and Practice often bifurcated – separated into two separate halves of the curriculum
  • Students’ instrumentalist conception of this integration: knowing a little theory will make you a better practitioner, knowing how machines work will make you a better theorist
  • I started to allow students to complete theoretically-informed, research based creative projects in lieu of a mid-term or final paper in my seminar classes
  • Foray into project-based classes
    • [SLIDE 5] 2005: Sound & Space
    • [SLIDE 6] 2005: MSPS
    • [SLIDE 7] Larger 2005-6 MSPS project
    • [SLIDES 8-9] 2006: Media Exhibition Design
    • [SLIDE 10] 2006: Immediacy
[SLIDE 11] Praxis-based Courses: Degree of investment rarely witnessed in traditional seminar courses
  • Students had to

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