Here, on our class website, you’ll find our most up-to-date schedule, pdfs or links for all the readings, archives of our work, etc. Most of our resources are available on the open web, but some materials are copyrighted; to access those, you’ll be prompted to enter a username and a password: student + seecritfilez

I’ve also created little bibliographies for specific methods. I’ve provided links to all the required readings and those supplemental resources to which I have ready access; for the others, you’ll need to use the library (which is itself an integral part of doing research!).

Methodology texts are often profoundly boring and crazy expensive. So, I won’t ask you to buy any of them. Don’t get me wrong: they can serve as helpful references, and I encourage you to refer repeatedly to the methods resources I’ve collected for you here, as well as those you’ll find in the library. But I’d rather you fill your bookshelves with texts that inspire – that remind you of the joy of research and the possibilities afforded by an array of research approaches and methods. These books might help with that task: