Notes from Jane Pirone’s UX Presentation

The User & the Design Process

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User Scenarios for In-Class Workshop

Break into pairs. One person will choose and “enact” one of the following scenarios, while the other person observes. Then, once the “researcher” finishes his/her task, the observer can questions about how the researcher chose to structure his/her interaction — and the two work can together to develop a flowchart diagramming how the “researcher” completed the task. Then swap roles, choose another user scenario, and repeat!

#1. Former New School adjunct professor, looking for course descriptions from 1987 to 1990.

#2. Parsons undergraduate student given assignment to “find something about a designer in the archives.”

#3. Child of Parsons alum looking for information about the school during the time his/her parent would have attended the school, 1940s-1950s, specifically information about parent’s department/major. Alum graduated from “Industrial Design” program, which has been renamed several times.

#4. First-year student is writing a research paper on the impact of the Helvetica typeface in its first decade. Assignment requires student to include a primary source from an archives.

#5. Fashion industry professional looking for samples of floral patterns.