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Sam & Angela’s Findings

So these are just my notes whilst observing Angela, but I believe we shared the majority of our collective thoughts during the class discussion.


Scenario #5
Choice of browser – Firefox – choosing this – familiarity for user?
The Kellen Archives – once here – getting to the digital archives section (left hand side of page) not very intuitive
Once there did basic search using term “floral pattern” -
Went back to main digital page – searched into Lightbox account
Search returned better results just by logging in -
Attempting to add to Lightbox – icons at bottom did not say when hovers mouse above those option – guessed by clicking middle icon – which was a folder icon – not obvious
When pressed back button and took awhile for page to load – then an error message
Used simple terms to keyword her categorical findings – example “Floral Pattern_1,” “Floral Pattern_2″
Can click on magnify glass to make image bigger – then brought to completely new page – can look at entire scan of document page by page – doesn’t seem easy to back to original search results page
Every time clicking on new result, there is a lag in how the page loads – causing it to be layered at first
Clicked to go in and see Lightbox – can’t seem to rearrange the groups – each saved image has it’s own space, with other blanks waiting to be paired
Difference in the search – tried “Flower pattern” and “floral patten” returned very different results