Tags for your Media

Using Tags in Scalar helps identify  relationships between content posted, whether a page or media, and works non-linearly (unlike Paths). This will help us see the commonalities between everyone’s final projects and tie in those relationships. We need to think of cohesive keywords we can use as Tags.

Please tag your media which will be beneficial to tie in those commonalities. Also, make sure you identify what type of media you used (photo, sound, video). Use the following tags:

  • Photo
  • Sound
  • Video
  • Media Studies
  • The New School
  • The New School Archives
  • Course Catalogs
  • Center for Understanding Media
  • John Culkin
  • Deirdre Boyle
  • Peter Haratonik
  • Kit Laybourne
  • Melissa Friedling
  • Oral History

Also note, some of these tags to do not exist in our project yet, so if it doesn’t create a new Page and nest your Media under this Tag Page.