Final Presentations!

Wendy and Liza will be joining us in class on May 13, as we share our as-final-as-it’s-going-to-get version of our Scalar project. Angelica and Shannon will provide an overview and discuss the overarching “theme.” Then each of you will share your contribution to the collaborative effort. Plan to talk for ten minutes.

You might start by briefly reminding us of your motivation for choosing your topic or application. Then take us on a tour of your work. For those of you doing “content-based work”: click through the pages, explain your narrative or argumentative path, describe what experience you’re aiming to create for your user/visitor/reader. And in the process, highlight some of your most interesting content. For those of you developing tools: talk about how your tool allows us to engage with archival material in new and illuminating ways, discuss possible applications, and show us (if possible) how your tools has been pilot-tested in classmates’ projects.