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Digital Witnesses

What is data? Is it real? Can we feel it or control it haptically? Databases are the source of what we refer to as the digital medium. They are the foundations, the brick and mortar building blocks of any digital infrastructure. But how are these systems conceived? How do they operate and interact wirelessly in… Read More »

Library after the disaster

The Warburg Library was founded by Aby Warburg and it has unique classificatory scheme. It was his collection which reflect who he is and who he has been; the library was his memory. Most of library has its systematic order such as by themes or alphabetical, but the library is different, “Warburg’s system was closer… Read More »

Sir John Soane’s Museum

  Tomorrow in class I am going to be presenting on the Soane Museum, which is a fascinating personal collection, research library and house museum in London. I am interesting in discussing the connection between personal collections and libraries, and the role of the individual in the classification systems of these collections.

Toponyms, Usurpers and Classification as Referent w/ Cause

Besides serving as a practical guide to find one’s destination, street names and place names in general, create symbolic connections with the past, or recent past by commemorating and honoring the contributions of historical figures, military heroes, political leaders, inventors, industrialists, and athletes. “Commemorative landscape” is a term referring to a wide range of material… Read More »

An Ode to Useless Classification

Inspired by Perec’s Think/Classify and portions of David Weinberger’s talk on miscellany focused on tagging, faceted classification, and other ways that newer media puts classification into the hands of the user, I have decided to focus on systems of classification that are functionally useless…or are they? Considering how frequently Borges’s fantastical, hypothetical taxonomies have appeared… Read More »

Classification as Mundane & Extraordinary Act

This week’s reading on Ordering Media’s “Innumerable Species”encouraged me to think about the ways classification affects us in ways that are both unthinkably “mundane” and at the same time unbelievably ambitious. That any grocery store must attempt to contain and organize in one (sometimes small) space the universe of food which we deem acceptable to… Read More »

Film as Archival Art

I will be discussing film as archival art for my application presentation.  Agnès Varda’s film The Gleaners and I will be the focus of the presentation. “Gleaning” in the film takes many forms, each example Varda reveals is related to “collecting” or as Varda puts it “gleaning.”   The film exemplifies “an archival impulse”  by not… Read More »