Make-Up Class Field Trip to The High Line, 3/25, 3-5pm

via NYTimes:

[UPDATE, 3/25: It’s raining, so we’ll go with our back-up plan: architecture film screenings. We’ll reschedule the High Line trip for April or May.]

As you know, we won’t be meeting for our regular class on Wednesday, 3/21, because I’ll be away at a conference. I’ve polled all of you about your availability, and it looks like Sunday, 3/25, from 3 to 5pm is our best make-up option. I know that time unfortunately doesn’t suit all of you. Sorry!

Your top activity choice is a walking tour of the High Line. In keeping with our class interests, I figured we’d make it a tour of the High Line-as-Infoscape [1]. I’ve posted some recommended reading/listening/viewing material on the “Schedule + Readings” page of our website, which I’d encourage you to browse through in advance of our visit (pay particular attention to the iPhone app!).[2] Why don’t we all meet a little before 3pm in front of Jeffrey, the fancy-pants clothing store at 449 W 14th Street?

Inclement Weather Back-up Plan: I’ll write everyone by 10am on Sunday the 25th to confirm our plans. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we’ll meet instead at The New School, in Kellen Auditorium, on the ground floor at 66 5th Ave., for a mini architecture film festival. Please bring along 10-15-minute clips you’d like to share! (you can either bring DVDs or links to online material) Feel free to bring drinks and snacks, too.

And because, regardless of what we ultimately decide to do, we’ll likely be a small group, you’re welcome to bring friends along with you. ‘Cause we all know this is probably the most insanely off-the-wall thing you’ll do all weekend.


[1] I’m borrowing this term from Aja Martin’s Master’s Thesis @ SMU, “Virtual Progression: The High Line as Verdant Infoscape.”

[2] To those of you who *can’t* join us: you might want to skim through some of this material and plan a trip of your own in the near future!

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