As soon as I finished writing my initial proposal, I felt a jolt of satisfaction at finally being able to put my thoughts into words. This satisfaction was almost immediately followed by a sneaking suspicion that my work would end ...Read More

First, please remember that we have a RESEARCH BUDGET for this class. If any part of your project requires funding -- for resource collection, digitization, rights-to-use fees, etc. -- please let me know! Now, here's the list of archives and primary ...Read More

History Bio Mapping is an ongoing, multimodal mapping project created and headed by artist and designer Christian Nold. In what began in 2004, the project has involved, according to Nold, thousands of subjects across 16 different countries, using the Situationist concept ...Read More“mapping the rock n roll genome” Band2Band is an interesting user created map taking the form of a family tree and is meant to show the interconnected relationships between musicians and bands. Unlike websites like Pandora, which are able to aggregate ...Read More

Just a little something that I spotted today and thought I'd share rather than squish and wipe up: Roach Map is a visualization created through a collaboration between Hacks/Hackers NYC and Eyebeam. While this may not initially appear to be ...Read More

The user-generated website Mural Locator was created to situate works of two-dimensional public art at any location in the world–provided of course that it’s accessible on Google Maps. Though seemingly designed specifically for the geographical cataloging of official and historical ...Read More

There's a new book out by one of my favorite authors that I thought I'd share with everyone. Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas, by Rebecca Solnit From the description there: "A reinvention of the traditional atlas ... examining the many layers of ...Read More

As I mentioned in my Pecha Kucha (I think), this research project has brought up some interesting dynamics for me between analog/digital, low-fi/high-tech. Zine culture is very much about process, about the craft of making. The zine artifact is tactile, tangible ...Read More

Wall Street Journal

Over the course of my research, I’ve found some unlikely sources to be remarkably useful.  Since I am writing on newspaper and media buildings, and in some cases covering buildings constructed in the 19th century, it can be difficult finding ...Read More

My project will aim to discover how the restaurant-to-consumer food delivery service has benefited from the latest developments in communication technologies. In particular, my idea is to describe where the limits to timesaving are, in an era where instantaneity seems ...Read More