Final Thoughts


I thought it would be interesting to read my project proposal and my notes and thoughts on this project before I write my last process blog. It’s funny how every time I am planning a final project or a paper I always have a specific direction but eventually the result is not exactly like it. Well, I guess this is how it works with most people.

This way or another, I had an amazing time researching and exploring the Meatpacking District. Walking around the area now is a totally different thing. New York is a fascinating organism and I always think to myself how great it could be if we were able to go back in time and walk around the city a hundred years ago. This project definitely brought me closer to this experience.

As I said in class yesterday, the fact that we had no restrictions and we could choose any topic we found interesting was a major bonus. This way I could really focus on something that I am passionate about and I gain useful knowledge (I’m already telling whoever is willing to listen anything I know about the Meatpacking District).

As for the project itself, I think that since URT is such a great, unique platform, all of us could probably add more layers, records and arguments. I was planning to create different layers than the ones I ended up creating, before I realized that my main source of information will be archival articles and not traditional academic books. But the flexibility and rhythm of this great project took me to different place, which was great! As I said in my last process post, this time it was much more about the process than in other cases.

I feel like I could continue researching forever. When it comes to people and urbanism, you can always get more testimonials and find out new, exciting things. Since this is my last semester and from now on I can finally only learn and explore what I am interested in, I really hope to continue looking for materials in the near of far future and add them to my project.

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  • So many of your classmates have commented on the potential for limitless expansion on these projects. Christine’s recent post talks about this infinite branching. I’m glad to know that you enjoyed the process so much that you could potentially keep going, even though your obligation to TNS has been fulfilled! 🙂

    It’s been a pleasure, Shiran.