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Your maps should be complete before our final class on December 12. Of course by “complete” I mean “good enough for a semester’s serious effort”; there’s always more that could be done. We’ll be sharing our final projects in class on the 12th. You’re welcome to bring food and drink to share!

In order to accommodate all ten presenters, we’ll need to limit each presentation to roughly 12 minutes, including Q&A. Ideally, you’d speak for for seven or eight minutes, leaving the remaining time for discussion. In your presentation you might start off by very briefly reminding us of your topic, including how it might’ve evolved over the course of the semester. Then you might synopsize and take us on a brief tour of your central arguments, perhaps stopping along the way to show us, in more depth, some of your favorite spots on your map.

You’ll note that among your assignments is a Final Self-Assessment —┬áin which you look back on your progress over the entire semester — which is due by 5pm on 12/13. You can simply regard this self-assessment as your fifth and final blog post — or, if you’d prefer not to post this final reflection online, you can share it with me as a Google Doc.

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