Submitting Work Via Google Drive

Please give all your assignments a filename that helps me identify you and the assignment (e.g., Mattern_ProjectProposal.doc).

I’ll email you with summary comments, and when necessary, I’ll provide editorial and margin comments on the document itself. Depending upon your level of comfort with Google and “the cloud,” you could either (1) create your work as a Google Doc, in which case I’ll simply use GD’s own commenting features; or (2) upload your work as a Word doc and not convert it to a Google Doc, in which case I’ll add comments via Word’s “track changes” and email your edited work back to you.

To share your work with me, simply click the “share” button in the top-right corner of Google Docs. Make sure the “sharing settings” are set to “Private,” so “only people explicitly granted permission can access,” and under “Add People,” type my email address. That’s it.

Academic Dishonesty

All students are expected to familiarize themselves with the University’s academic honesty policy; see “Academic Honesty” on the Media Studies department website. Because our semester project is a collective one, any acts of academic dishonesty reflect poorly not only on the perpetrator(s), but also on the class and the instructor. Academic dishonesty will result in automatic failure of the course.

Late Work

All assignment deadlines are listed on the syllabus. Because we are working collaboratively this semester, it is important that we all move at the same pace. Late work will be penalized, and extensions will be granted only rarely, and only after consulting with me well in advance of the assignment deadline.

A student who has not submitted all assigned work by the end of the semester does not receive an “Incomplete” by default. “Incompletes” are assigned only in extreme circumstances, and require that the student consult with me before the end of the semester and sign a contract obligating him or her to complete all outstanding work by a date that we agree upon.


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